Sep 19

Traffic alternatives with aqua taxis

The ways of transportation evolve more and more as we advance in our days, and a society depends a lot in these developments, in order to make it part of the public transportation and the private one for the people who composed that society. And it is noted that when people talk about the ways of transportation, they go ahead to talk about cars, buses, taxis, limousines, metros, trains or even airplanes, but another way of transportation that is not so much mentioned in these topics is the one that occurs in the water.  The boats that work as water transportation can provide services that are programmed with multiple stops, working in a collective way, as similar as a bus, or they can work in a more private manner, when there is demand to many places or locations, functioning in a similar way to a taxi ( service réservation taxi en ligne geoallo ). A boat service going back and forth between two points is usually described as a ferry instead of a collective boat.

Many cities in the world that are rounded by water such as Venice in Italy, have river or lakes that connect cities, towns, islands such as Paris in France,or it is simply the way of getting to an importantpoint from another one, have this transportation system. In Italy, for example, the fleet of aqua taxis that are in every part of Venice is composed for large and luxury boats that can transport a group of approximately 10 people. There are many type of boats that cross day and night the clear waters of Venice, large ones, small ones, for businesses, for tourism, and many more reasons. Some of them are known with the name of “gondolas”, which are commonly used for couples to take a lovely and romantic evening by the water. Yet this way of transportation can be a little bit expensive for some people; however, it still worth the experience. And yes, boats play a large role when it comes about the traffic in water and the transportation, as well. People use them since we started to be curious about travelling over the sea, and we created a way of doing it, in a few words, many years ago. The man has used the boats for thousands of years. There is a record of more than 10,000 years ago when man used a properly carved trunk as a means of transport in water.

In France, in Paris to be more exact, people are now ready to implement a new revolutionary way of transportation in water, that is more comfortable, faster and more relaxing than boats, and it is: the aqua taxis. An aqua taxi or a water taxi, as it name says it, is a ship of passengers used to provide private services, usually, but not always in an urban environment. The implementation of this way of transportation was the idea of a French sailor whose name is Alain Thebault. He introduced his “Bubble” ship as a way of improving the water traffic in the rivers and lakes of France, as a clean and fast taxi service for waterways in big cities. Its design is a combination of the half part of a boat and the half part of a car. Thebault firstly thought on the problems that there were in the streets of Paris, when the traffic became heavy and slow, and the long lines of cars in the streets started to be chaotic and annoying, a total traffic congestion. Then, after spinning this thought on his mind for a couple of times, he created the solution: minimizing the traffic on the streets using the waterways of Paris.

The idea was basically spreading water taxis on the waterways in order to combat the heavy traffic on the streets. By adding a new way of transportation on the rivers and lakes, without producing sounds, waves or contamination in them. The water taxi saves battery while it goes high through the water at a considerable speed. This allows to the passenger to get to their destination without losing a minute of time in the heavy traffic of the streets in Paris. The will count with five seats: four for the passengers and one for the pilot, and they will work with electric energy, because its elements are composed by fiberglass and high density foam, and it is driven by two electrical engines, which operate with rechargeable lithium batteries in every of the ports. The two helixes that have the aqua taxis, create an impulsion that pushes the hull above, until 50 centimeters on the water, reaching 12 kilometers per hour, creating the illusion of flying on the water.

“The trip was incredibly relaxing, it was fast but relaxing! I think I found my favorite way of transportation here on the city, and all that without heavy movements that can provoke dizziness, and I tend to feel dizziness when I travel in boats.” said a Parisian man who had the luck of being one of the first random person of Paris in travelling in an aqua taxi.    It is prevented to use it in Paris for now on, although,it was necessary to increase the limit of speed in the Siene River, in order for it to go with the ideal speed to get out of the water. “This idea is really wonderful, seriously! I’m tired of having to wait in long lines at the rush hours here in Paris. The traffic becomes into a total disaster! And as I don’t have a car, I have to use the public transportation, so you can understand me a little bit” said a local man from Paris when he was asked about the aqua taxis working in the Siene River. Water taxis in Paris are confirmed to be able of crossing the city from north to south, and vice versa, in almost 15 minutes. “This is something impossible of doing by car in the streets of Paris.” said a local man.

This new way of transportation represents a huge change and improvement in the traffic of the city. It is a good alternative of reducing the long lines of cars on the streets and it is also a new way of knowing the city. Aqua taxis were created with the main function of decongesting the traffic on the streets, and it is a way of making easier the movability of the Parisians and the tourists who come from another country to visit the city. And one of the best things that this way of transportation offers is that thanks to its design and its characteristics, it is an ecological way of moving from one point to another, so, it is also a way of reducing the contamination in the city, since a green perspective. These aqua taxis are prevented to start working on September of this year, and many people are excited with the implementation of this new way of transportation. Soon enough people will prefer to take an aqua taxi to get to their job meeting, family reunion, social event, dates, parties, or simple destination, because they will arrive fast and without the feeling of stress generated for the traffic on the streets of Paris. It will be now the faster way of transportation in Paris and the most desired one among its citizens and its tourists.

“Imagine that there are three people who pass by a narrow street that allows the capacity of 7 people, and then, in the next day, another person comes from another country and passes at the same moment that the three first people pass by. Then another person comes, and another one comes. Until they get to 10 people who want to pass by that narrow street at the same moment because they want to get to their jobs, houses, or whatever. So, what is the right thing to do to avoid this congestion? Keeping passing over that same narrow street constantly until we die? No, we go and create another way to arrive to our destination.” said a Parisian woman, graduated in sociology sciences, when her opinion about aqua taxis was asked. “This is a way of adjusting the system and to make it proportional to the increase of the human population in the city, because we’re many people here in Paris, and more and more people are coming for not just visiting, but for living. And these kind of projects are necessary for not overpopulating some points of our environment in specific moments of the day.”

It is well-known that the new implementation of these aqua taxis in the city of Paris will take a lot of benefits in the future for the capital, and this is something that will be verified in the coming days, when the comparison between the days before the aqua taxis and the days after the aqua taxis arrive. Reducing the traffic on the streets, minimizing the production of contamination, ensuring the save of time for the citizens and tourists, and other reasons that make aqua taxis a new and effective alternative of transportation for the French society of Paris; nevertheless, in the future it is expected to take this idea to other states of the country, and if it is possible, spreading it in other European countries where this way of transportation will be appreciated. The future of the ways transportation evolved a little bit in Paris, with the creation of these aqua taxis. Having said that, there are many ways of developing the ways of transportation in the world, in Saudi Arabia, by instance, people are creating flying taxis. And there are many more that will constantly appear in the future.

People can imagine now in using the waterways as a better way of transportation that the roads, highways or streets. This is a revolutionary idea, but not crazy to think on. The future is bright for the people who see a problem and think on a possible solution for the problem and just… create. “I’m really proud of this achievement, honestly. This is history that was created here in my city, my beloved Paris and I love it! Just thinking on how the heavy traffic will have a considerable reduction in the coming years is a nice thought on my mind. I’m just glad of the fact that I was part of the team that created the aqua taxis, it is something so important that I’ll tell it to my grandchildren.” said a Parisian man who was part of the team that developed the first aqua taxi that was able for the public service in the Siene River. “We’re going to continue developing more and more aqua taxis in the future, and we expect to take some other cities as soon as possible. And countries, countries, as well. I’m already imagining these products working in Venice and other states of Italy, or in other parts of Europe: Germany, Netherlands, England, Spain, Sweden, Ireland and other countries. And also in America and Asia, these continents are part of Thebault’s list to take the aqua taxis. This is something that will be great!” finished happily his statement.

Thebault and Paris contributed, in fact, in the development and improvement of the traffic alternatives for the countries of the world, especially for the countries that have large quantity of water in its cities, towns, villages and regions. It is a great step for the evolution of the ways of transportation and an honorable step in the history of France collaborating in the development of the human history, once again.This is something that will give to France a mark in history as the responsible of having created a new way of transportation without creating more traffic in the streets. In conclusion, aqua taxis as a new alternative in the traffic in general, for the countries that possess waterways, has plenty of benefits for the development of the societies, as it will be demonstrated in the Paris society, and the societies of other cities and states of France, as well, in the future.